Why Kevin Jones’ Miracle Ace At Maple Hill Won’t Be Our “Shot Of The Year”Posted by On 9th December 2020

The highlight is one of the most viral disc golf clips in history

Kevin Jones Maple Hill Ace

Ultiworld Disc Golf has done year-end “best shot” brackets for several seasons now. We highlight the best air shots, putts, rollers, and aces with their own competitions before crowning an overall winner, all by fan voting.

As we roll out our initial nominees and opening round of voting in the coming days, you will not see Kevin Jones’ viral ace from Maple Hill. We limit shot of the year selections to throws that were executed in sanctioned events.

For this reason and this reason alone, you will not see the hole 16 ace. Otherwise, the KJUSA ace should absolutely have been the shot of the year.

In past seasons, simply a good drive on hole 16 at Maple Hill could qualify for the Air Shot of the Year category. It’s a difficult 530-foot shot through a tight tunnel with a low ceiling and elevation change. Jones aced this shot with a Prodigy D2. And he did it in the rain. And while slipping on the wet wooden frame of the tee box. The ace is truly unbelievable and took athleticism that Jones and few other people on the tour possess to pull off while not injuring themselves. And the Ace Whisperer Jeremy Koling was, of course, a witness to it all.

The shot didn’t only resonate in the disc golf world. GK Pro’s video of the OTB Skins Series highlight has been viewed more than 400,000 times on the original YouTube video, was a top link on reddit’s r/sports subreddit, got reposted on social media accounts such as House of Highlights, and received write-ups in outlets like The Guardian, far surpassing the reach other viral disc golf shots usually get. Our old friend ESPN was also in on the fun.

Not since Philo Brathwaite’s albatross at the Beaver State Fling, which still gets reposted to this day, have we seen a disc golf shot with such an impact. Everyone reading this website probably had at least one friend or family member share the Jones clip with them this year. It was inescapable — and fully worthy of the attention.

The Jones ace on hole 16 at Maple Hill will be forever mentioned in commentary at Maple Hill. You’ll see it time and time again used for engagement purposes around the internet. The image of Jones’ face as he lands on his backside is surely etched into your consciousness.

If we included Kevin Jones’ Maple Hill ace it wouldn’t be worth having a contest. He’s already won.

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