Wet Weather Expected For Final Round Of USDGC, WNC

Although we’ve seen hot scoring conditions the first three days of the tournament, the forecast is set to change for the final day of the WNC and USDGC. The remnants of Hurricane Delta will continue to move inland Friday night and into Saturday. As a result, a plume of deeper moisture will move into the Rock Hill area.

Abundant showers will be likely throughout the day. Fortunately, no lightning is expected at this time, and the wind should actually remain fairly subdued at 5 to 10 mph from the southeast. Below is a snapshot of what radar could look like at 2 PM according to a high resolution weather model.

The USDGC is no stranger to being affected by adverse weather conditions brought about by remnant hurricanes. In 2016, the USDGC was ultimately called before the fourth round began as Hurricane Matthew made landfall in South Carolina as a category 1 hurricane. In 2017, rain was experienced in the final round. Although the rain during that round was not directly attributed to a hurricane, Rock Hill experienced rain the following day from Hurricane Nate.1

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