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Being a road warrior can take a toll on the body

Jessica Weese at the 2019 GBO. Photo: PDGA

After playing 15 holes on Wednesday, Jessica Weese withdrew from the Dynamic Discs Open due to back pain before completing the final three holes of her opening round Thursday morning.

“I decided to let the show go on without me,” said Weese. “There are way to many big events to struggle through this one and never get any time off. This was going to be my 10th to 11th tournament in a row. The last time I did that I got injured in 2016. I didn’t get to play at all that year after playing on my injury.”
Weese said her back pain stems from driving between last weekend’s Bowling Green Open to get to Emporia with time to practice before the midweek start.

“I hate to say it but driving nine plus hours from the last tournament was the worst mistake ever,” said Weese. “And after this one we have to drive from Emporia, Kansas to San Diego.”

According to Google, San Diego is 22.5 hours and 1,450 miles away from Emporia. Weese traveled 800 miles to get to Emporia from Bowling Green, Kentucky, and drove 660 miles to get to Bowling Green from Jonesboro, Arkansas the week prior.

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