Video: Watch AJ Risley’s Game Evolve Over The Years In Goat Hill CompilationPosted by On 16th June 2020

AJ Risley Goat Hill Evolution

Central Coast Disc Golf put out a compilation of A.J. Risley playing the Goat Hill Park course in the lead-up to this weekend’s Challenge at Goat Hill, Disc Golf Pro Tour Silver Series event, and we have to say it’s not only a great concept but fairly enlightening.

A.J. basically plays against himself at the 2017 Challenge at Goat Hill, 2018 FLYR Open, 2018 Challenge at Goat Hill, and 2019 Challenge at Goat Hill in the footage, while his dad and Challenge TD, Allen, commentates with CCDG’s Ian Anderson.

Over the years you get to see A.J.’s game change through form adjustments and sponsor changes, as well as how he approached shots mentally.

AJ Risley Goat Hill Back 9

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