USDGC, TPWDGC Livestream Moving To Disc Golf Network For 2021

DGN pay-per-view coverage will include bonus interviews, player features, highlights, and condensed rounds.

USDGC at Winthrop Gold. Photo: PDGA

U.S. Disc Golf today announced a partnership with the Disc Golf Network to execute its pay-per-view livestream of the 2021 United States Disc Golf Championship PDGA Major, as well as the Throw Pink Women’s Disc Golf Championship, on the over-the-top subscription service.

Both events will be held at the historic Winthrop Gold course in Rock Hill, South Carolina, October 6-9, 2021. PPV packages are now available to purchase at

“The financial support from fans via the pay-per-view format is an investment in the future of disc golf media,” said Jonathan Poole, USDGC Event Director. “Our efforts each October have had a positive and lasting impact on live disc golf broadcasts well beyond the USDGC itself. The game deserves the best and most complete coverage that we can possibly provide. We are constantly in pursuit of better.”

Two livestream packages will be available for purchase. DGN subscribers will receive a 20% discount on packages.

Fan Pass: $25 ($20 w/ DGN subscriber discount)

  • 4 days of live coverage of USDGC and TPWDGC
  • Exclusive access for 30 days following the event 
  • Exclusive access to DGN bonus content throughout the week
  • U.S. Disc Golf membership 2021-2022 (through October 2022)

Gold Pass: $100 ($80 w/ DGN subscriber discount)

  • Limited to 250 passes
  • 4 days of live coverage of USDGC and TPWDGC
  • Exclusive access for 30 days following the event 
  • Exclusive access to DGN bonus content throughout the week 
  • U.S. Disc Golf membership 2021-2022 (through October 2022)
  • One exclusive USDGC Commemorative Golf Disc 
  • Official USDGC Commemorative Coin 
  • $10 Gift Card to DGU, the Official USDGC Online Pro Shop 

As was the case for the 2020, the live broadcast will be the exclusive way to watch the Championship.

In the past, Fulcrum Media handled the bulk of the PPV production, along with Central Coast Disc Golf in 2020, and the livestream was broadcast through streaming service inplayer and Vimeo, a product that was only viewable through a web browser.

The DGN attempted to provide coverage of the 2020 USDGC but a two-year contract with Vimeo and the existing relationship with Fulcrum precluded the switch to DGN.

According to DGPT CEO and Director Jeff Spring, the 2021 USDGC and TPWDGC will be “100% a Disc Golf Network production” that will include some professionals from other disc golf media companies. With the PPV heading to DGN, the livestream will be available on DGN’s full suite of seven platforms, including six apps, making it easier for viewers to watch on their preferred devices.

“We’re thrilled to join the USDGC media team to help produce a supercharged live broadcast for one of the sport’s most prestigious and important events,” said Spring. “This is a special event to me personally, as I know it is for many in the disc golf world. We’re so pleased to bring it to the Disc Golf Network platform, a move that delivers a 20% discount for our DGN subscribers and allows them to watch through their preferred app platforms, a benefit and an event that we were not able to offer in the past.”

Condensed round coverage and commentary teams

In addition to the livestreams, DGN will be providing bonus content including interviews, player features, highlights, and condensed versions of the live coverage that will be available the next day.

More information on what will be included in next-day condensed coverage will be included in a forthcoming update from the USDGC and DGN. According to the USDGC, condensed event coverage will also be available for free on the U.S. Disc Golf YouTube channel an estimated few weeks after Championship Week.

For viewers joining livestreams late, or just needing to catch-up, full replays will be available on DGN same day.

“The live replay of the front 9 will be available immediately upon completion of the rounds and the back 9 will be available within two hours of the end of the broadcast for those who want to rewatch or jump to any specific moment in the coverage,” said Spring.

Commentary teams for the 2021 USDGC and TPWDGC have not yet been released. Last season, USDGC live coverage was anchored by Ian Anderson and Philo Brathwaite. The Women’s National Championship coverage was anchored by Hannah McBeth and Juliana Korver.

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