USDGC Exploring Alternate Qualifying Options, Smaller Field

Spectators could also be limited

The United States Disc Golf Championship announced today that it was potentially going to be changing the qualifying process and size of the competition field for the 2020 event due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“One of the Championship’s strengths is its rigorous qualifying process,” the statement said. “However, nine qualifying events have either been canceled or postponed as of today. Adding additional days to our traditional Monday Qualifying process is a possibility, as well as a substantially smaller USDGC field size. It is also possible that spectators are limited at Winthrop.”

Winthrop University, side of the USDGC, moved to online classes March 23 and has not yet made any announcements regarding the fall semester. South Carolina began reopening retail stores at reduced capacity Monday, April 20, and is reopening beaches April 21.

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