Ultiworld Disc Golf MPO Power Rankings: Champions Cup Edition [April 14, 2022]

Disc Golf’s newest major starts today, and the springtime visit to Georgia has the potential to set the tone for the rest of the season. So far, no one has separated themselves from the pack. Drew Gibson, Paul McBeth, and Ricky Wysocki have claimed the three Elite Series crowns so far this season. Chris Dickerson owns the Silver Series, going 2/2 in his starts in 2022, and Albert Tamm won in Tallahassee this past weekend. Each of these players has shown moments of brilliance and occasionally left us scratching our heads.

Will one of the five, already-crowned players step up and put their stamp on the season by winning the Champions Cup, or will we see another new winner? If you’re like me, you’re all about the chaos and want to see as many fresh faces on the podium as possible.

So with disorder in our hearts and with surprises in our eyes, let’s try and bring some unassailable and objectively true order to things with our Power Rankings.

Methodology: We combine an algorithmic objective ranking with subjective ballots submitted by UWDG staff. The algorithm uses a standardized scoring model to compare elite events, awards competition, and cash bonuses, and features a decay function that gradually phases out past results.

MPO Power Rankings:

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    Chris is a contributor at Ultiworld Disc Golf. He lives and works on Cape Cod in Massachusetts where he plays as much disc golf as he can, and reminds people he lives on Cape Cod. He likes spending time outside when he isn’t playing video games and watching TV.

MPO Power Rankings:

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