Thomas Gilbert Is Bringing His Whole Self To Disc Golf | Approachable E4

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Being accepted as someone who identifies as gay can be hard. Even with the rise in awareness for the rights of people who identify under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, additional progress is still very much needed to help educate and promote positive changes to provide better representation for this community. So when Thomas Gilbert decided to come out to the disc golf world this winter, we felt it was a perfect time to have him on the show and share his story. We are so proud of Thomas for being brave enough to share his experience and shed light on a topic that is so important not for just the sport but for society at large. Resources:
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00:00 Intro
01:58 Meet Thomas
04:15 When & How You Came Out
06:24 What Was Your Fear When Coming Out?
08:24 How Do You Think This Has Effected The Disc Golf Community?
10:40 How Can We Make People Comfortable To Come Out?
15:55 What Did You Find Approachable About Disc Golf?
18:05 First Interaction With Paul McBeth
19:30 How Were You Able To Compete In The US At 18?
21:53 Closing Remarks
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