The IRS knows about Disc Golf • Tax Tips for the 2022 Tournament Season | Approachable E2

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 Our first interview! In this episode we had the pleasure of interviewing Blake Shaffer of LWS Tax & Accounting. With the rise in popularity of disc golf over the past 10 years and more notably since 2020 the topic of taxes has become more important now more than ever for everyone involved in the sport, thats why we brought Blake in to shed some light on this uncomfortable topic to help the disc golf community stay on top of the pesky IRS. From tax strategies to opening an LLC, this episode is jam packed with useful information whether you're a pro on tour or a content creator this is for everyone! Follow Blake LWS Tax & Accounting Shaffer Sports Management 👏 Content like this is made possible by our Community. Please consider joining to support our mission of growing disc golf through high-quality content! 📱 Check out more JomezPro: 
Topics 00:00 intro
02:03 Meet Blake
04:53 How LWS Tax & Accounting Started
07:54 Getting Your Taxes up To Par
11:30 How To Start Good Tax Habits
13:17 Advice For Those Who Don't Pay Up
15:12 IRS Notices The Disc Golf Growth
16:34 How To Organize YOur Tax Info
19:55 Tax Tips For Content Creators
22:19 Financial Planning For New Pros
24:28 How Disc Golf Helped My Life
27:15 Disc Golf In The Office
28:44 Tax/ Financial Benefits Of Going Pro
30:12 Tax Advice For Pros With A Day Job
31:36 Tax benefits Of Forming An LLC
32:50 Tax Benefits Of Forming An S Corp
34:07 Process To Set Up An S Corp
38:46 LLC or S Corp
40:51 Generating Income With IRA
45:00 Blake's Top Tax Saving Tips
48:44 How To Find A Good Accountant
52:11 Starting Shaffer Sports Management
54:24 Future Of Disc Golf Agencies
56:30 Shaffer Sports Management Growth
59:06 Big Brands Finding Disc Golf
59:35 Advice For Small Businesses
01:04:54 Closing Remarks
01:07:43 Outro  DISCLAIMER: This information from this episode are for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations to any individual or on any given security or investment product.
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