The Drop Zone w/ The Disc Golf Guy • Disc Golf Awards Shows • End of Season Party

I attended my first full production of an in person, disc golf award show. The Delly's hosted by Dellwood Disc Golf and the Greater Joliet Disc Golf Tour acted as the hosts as players from all around the area came to The Roxy in downtown, Lockport, Illinois on Friday night, November 4th. It was my pleasure and honor to be invited as a special guest for the evening which really meant I played the roll of the bad guy in picking the same names over and over again for the enormous raffle that took place to close out the night. Seriously though, it was great having a tiny part of this awesome event and also setting up as a vendor with a few of my Disc Golf Guy goods and wears on hand. Thank you to Sean and Sheila Callahan and to everyone else that made this special night possible. Check out these crucial links to learn more about it and most importantly, let me know if your area is thinking about hosting something of this nature because I think … you should do it! Lauren Lakeberg's Blog post and great recap from event: Leo's Video from event: This episode was filmed live, from my office in Wisconsin on Wednesday afternoon, November 9th, 2022.

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