The Drava Forester Disc Golf Experience • Varaždin • Croatia • A Must Attend Disc Golf EventPosted by On 27th September 2020

The 2019 Drava Forester in Varaždin, Croatia was one of the most fun weeks of my life. Everything is arranged and taken care of for the entire week and just some of that includes lodging, side games, multiple costume parties, karaoke, team building, meals, cultural experiences and disc golf. Yes, the underlying theme of this nearly week long experience is disc golf. However, your skill level simply doesn't matter. You're there for the friends, the family and the community. Hosts, Maja, Dinko and Vanja will not only organize you and keep you on track but also join in all of the fun along with you. If you find an event where you can have more fun, sign me up for it and I'll compare them 🙂 COVID19 is providing additional challenges to the overall participation but I've been assured it is still happening in a smaller version. The 2021 version hopes to be back even bigger and better. Please check out the site for more information: Thank you for supporting me, my coverage and the interesting people and stories as I travel within the sport of disc golf. If you wish to support me besides liking, sharing and subscribing you can do so by becoming a Patreon member found below:

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