Spoiler Alert: Producing live disc golf coverage is HARD…but you can help! | Approachable E3

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When the DGPT merged with the PDGA we knew that meant big changes for the professional disc golf scene. We wanted to bring two of the top dogs at the DGPT, Sam Gaddes & Brian Cole, onto the show to share their knowledge and experiences working with the new official pro tour of the PDGA and what that means for the professional scene. This episode covers it all from what spectators can expect from the tour in 2022 and beyond, how the tour plans to better accommodate touring pros, and some insight about what goes on behind the scenes when trying to create a live broadcast of a pro tour event. We can't thank Sam and Brian enough for coming on the show! Follow DGPT

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https://jomezpro.com/ https://instagram.com/jomezpro https://www.tiktok.com/@jomezpro https://twitter.com/jomezpro https://facebook.com/jomezpro Topics 00:00 Intro
01:41 Meet Sam & Brian
02:34 How Big Is The DGPT Staff?
03:28 How Does The DGPT Hire?
05:22 How Do People Apply With The DGPT?
06:42 What Does A Operations & Logistics Manager Do?
09:00 How Do You Come Up With New Roles For DGPT?
11:49 How Many New Roles Are Opening Up For 2022?
14:06 How Has The DGPT Roles Changed Over The Years?
16:39 How Can Local Volunteers Help With The DGPT?
19:32 -What Lessons Were Learned During 2021?
22:01 1 Thing That Would Improve The DGPT
24:07 Improving Cell Coverage & Adding Bigger Venues
26:35 Making The Tour More Accommodating For All Pros
30:18 Will The DGPT Schedule Get Shorter?
34:37 2022 Tour Card Changes
37:18 How Can Viewers Support The Growth Of The DGPT?
42:42 Things You Didn't Expect To See At A DGPT Event
45:22 DGPT Show Idea
47:20 DGPT Funny Fails
48:59 Closing Remarks
51:37 Outro (edited) Copyright ©2012-2021. All rights reserved. JomezPro™, FollowFlight™, SloMez™, NoMez™, BigSexy Commentary™, BigBarri Commentary™, BigSexyBarri Commentary™ are all protected trademarks of Jomez Productions, LLC. #jomezpro #discgolf Why are you still reading this? Get out and play some Disc Golf!

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