Simon Lizotte & Discmania Parting Ways • The Drop Zone w/ The Disc Golf Guy • Lizotte Sponsorship

Roughly 3 or 4 hours after I discussed this subject Simon Lizotte posted a video to his YouTube channel which can be found by clicking on this next link. Please keep in mind, I was live at roughly 3AM and had no knowledge or previous viewing of Simon's video which was posted 3 or 4 hours later: Original Info: At least SOME of the rumors are true as Simon Lizotte is no longer with Discmania. Almost immediately after reading the news of Simon and Discmania parting ways I jump on this live stream to quickly break down what we know. Of course we could perfectly then segue into what we 'think' we know moving forward as well. Will Simon still play disc golf? If so, who will Simon sign with? What will his contract look like? What may or may not of caused this and how could him and Discmania part ways? Will he try to raid my storage to throw (or just break) my old discs? Tune in and find out. Support me and my silly ideas with this crazy thing I like to call Patreon: Or maybe buy something from my site found at:

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