SHOWMEZ E7 | Eagle McMahon + Winner of Nate Sexton’s Mako3 + ! | A non-podcast not about Disc GolfPosted by On 19th May 2020

Thanks for watching episode 7 of SHOWMEZ, a non-podcast not about disc golf and specifically not sponsored by Slim Jim®: America's #1 Meat Stick. Slim Jim: snap into a Slim Jim. Visit for info on submitting your fail clips, claiming your prize, or learning who our latest non-sponsor is. Watch #SHOWMEZ live every Monday! Mako3 Giveaway: 8:34
FAILS -- Fan Submitted Disc Golf videos: 12:00
GUEST -- Eagle McMahon: 18:27
VAULT -- 2015 GBO R3: 23:13
LIVE CHAT Q&A: 1:04:10
GIVEAWAY: 1:12:59 THANK YOU to our Patreon community and customers for the continued support during this unprecedented time. If you'd like to join Patreon and get instant access to exclusive content and giveaways visit Hosted by Jonathan "Jomez" Gomez and BigSexy aka Jeremy "Big Jerm" Koling & Nate “Sexy” Sexton
Streamed live on May 11, 2020 ⛓️ SHOP official JomezPro discs, merch, music at
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