See How Outsiders Reacted to Disc Golf on CBS Sports NetworkPosted by On 4th September 2020

There were plenty of disc golfers watching, but were there others?

While we all know disc golfers flocked to watch the CBS Sports Network coverage of the 2020 Dynamic Discs Open (and share their opinions on social media), we wanted to see what kind of impact the broadcasts had with an audience from outside the sport.

We checked on Twitter to see what outsiders were talking about, good and bad. Take a look at what people had to say:

Of course, we can’t judge the impact of the cable TV broadcasts just from Twitter, but this gives a sense of some of the reactions of people who aren’t experts in JomezPro coverage or the Pro Tour.

It will not be possible to determine the shows’ overall viewership: CBS Sports Network does not have publicly released Nielsen ratings. We contacted CBS Sports Network directly and they declined to share the ratings.

Overall, the CBSSN coverage for disc golf did not have much social media engagement from outsiders, compared to other televised disc sports events (like the USA Ultimate US Open finals on ESPN2). While there was widespread enthusiasm from disc golfers tuning in to watch the sport on TV, there is little evidence that the coverage reached a large number of people who don’t already play the sport.

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