Season 1 Podcast Recap + Answering Your Questions! | Approachable E8

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❤️ Follow on Instagram……  We made it to the final episode of Season 1! We wanted to start by thanking everyone who has supported us this far. This last episode Paige and Jo go over the highlights of the first season of the show and finally get the chance to answer some of questions sent by you! With the 2022 tournament season underway the girls also shed light on their goals for the season and hopefully it will help you with setting your own. Thanks again for all the support and feedback this will help us with improving the show for next season. We look forward to seeing you all for season 2! Topics:
00:00 Intro
00:19 End Of Season 1
01:13 Our Highlight Episodes Of Season 1
03:39 Time For Fan Questions!
04:09 Is A Lower PDGA Number Better Than A Higher PDGA Number?
05:42 Non-competitive Disc Golf Topics From The Season
07:47 Instagram Challenge
08:42 How Can We Get More Courses In Urban Settings?
11:24 Ideas For Vending Opportunities At Tournaments 17:19 What Are The Under Represented Demographics Of Disc Golf?
22:59 Thanks For All The Questions, Comments, & Support
24:24 Sneak Peak Of Season 2 Topics
27:15 Our 2022 Season Goals
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