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Please visit and fully consume all of the content found on: Over the years The Disc Golf Guy channel has been proud to showcase the talents and skills of hundreds of players. Although disc golf demographics show that more than 90% of our participants are men, it's crucial the sport creates and fosters an inclusive environment for all. Let's all work to #GrowTheSport and #ShowSupport by voiding sexism, objectification, sexual harassment and bullying. I have not always been completely innocent of these very concerns. However, recognizing these issues and topics is a great start to a better sport for everyone. I hope you can join me in committing yourself to doing better moving forward. #respectHERgame
#ShowSupport PS – I had limited access to my video archives while on the road. This video is now listed as part of my women's disc golf playlist which contains over 120 videos featuring women disc golf coverage from over the years:

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