Nominations for Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award Due May 31stPosted by On 8th May 2019

The PDGA is requesting nominations for candidates for the annual Bob West Memorial Award for Sportsmanship, where a sportsman or sportswoman is defined as “someone who exemplifies sportsmanship both on and off the disc golf course, observes the rules of play, and wins or loses with grace.”

Do you know of an unsung PDGA member who consistently exhibits the qualities of sportsmanship and camaraderie during competition, and who has contributed in significant other ways to the positive growth of the sport for several years or longer? If you do, please take a few minutes to fill out the form to nominate them online. All nominations must be received by May 31st, 2019.

The PDGA office will review the nominations received and list the top five most deserving on the ballot to be voted on by the PDGA Premier Pros (formerly referred to as Touring Pros), the State/Province and Country Coordinators, the PDGA Major and National Tour event tournament directors, and the PDGA Board of Directors and staff.

Previous winners of all the different PDGA Awards from 1984 to 2017 can be viewed on the  PDGA Awards Winners page.

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Bob West Memorial Sportsmanship Award Winners

Year Name PDGA #
1987 John Ahart 3455
1988 Lavone Wolfe 580
1989 Bob Lewis 2190
1990 Steve Wisecup 1467
1991 Patti Kunkle 283
1992 Stan McDaniel 2938
1993 Harold Duvall 2018
1994 Pete Fust 988
1995 Otto Spiers 3498
1996 Javier Kowalski 3178
1997 Joe Mela 2607
1998 TJ Lawrence 2172
1999 Fred Salaz 3273
2000 Barry Schultz 6840
2001 Al “Sugar” Schack 3407
2002 Brian Schweberger 12989
2003 Shawn Sinclair 10819
2004 Peter Sontag 3389
2005 Sharon Jenkins 5408
2005 Dan Ginnelly 3591
2006 Timmy Gill 9293
2007 Jay “Yeti” Reading 15864
2008 J. Gary Dropcho 2734
2009 Rebecca Duffy 33115
2010 Phil Arthur 7289
2011 David Greenwell 962
2012 Erin Oakley 17643
2013 Jonathan Baldwin 18114
2014 Desiree Reading 18563
2015 Valarie Jenkins 17495
2016 Carl “Cubby” Cubbedge 14567
2017 Nate Sexton 18824

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