Matt Bell Signs Sponsorship Deal With Thought Space Athletics

The Maine company has six molds approved by the PDGA

Matt Bell TSA

After leaving his contract with DGA, Matt Bell has signed a sponsorship agreement with Thought Space Athletics. Thought Space currently has six disc molds approved by the PDGA, which are manufactured by MVP Disc Sports for the company.

“[Thought Space] have the best stamps in the game, best gear in the game. I’ve got a signature disc coming out, as well as a signature jersey,” said Bell. “Everything you see me throw or wear you can get from them.”

Nate Perkins, Garrett Gurthie, and Drew Gibson have previously been sponsored by Thought Space. Bell joined DGA in 2019 and is known for his Circle 2 putting prowess. He had a top four finish at the 2021 MVP Open and top 10s at Masters Cup and the Green Mountain Championship. Prior to DGA, Bell was sponsored by Latitude 64 and won the Putting Championship at the 2016 PDGA Pro World Championship.

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