[Live Broadcast Bonus] • The 2019 Open at Tallahassee • R2 • J McCray • M Orum • P McBeth • ZMeltonPosted by On 11th April 2019

The Open at Tallahassee Sponsored by Dynamic Discs THIS IS BONUS FOOTAGE and in addition to the shot by shot round coverage The Disc Golf Guy will also be releasing from all 3 rounds which should release starting on Wed, April 10th. Assistant Tournament Director, Dave Muntean took over The Disc Golf Guy's channel to do a LIVE broadcast of the first round of the 2019 Open at Tallahassee. Dave utilized single iPhone, stabilizer and the local cellular signal to provide this bonus footage. Upon round 1 feedback, we changed up the mic to make the commentary louder. Featured in round 2 are JohnE McCray, Paul McBeth, Matt Orum and Zach Melton. Thank you for your support!

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