Latitude 64 Buys Stake in Kastaplast, Will Start Producing Their Discs

Latitude 64 to help Kastaplast scale up its production.

Latitude 64 announced today that they have become co-owners of Kastaplast, a fellow Swedish disc manufacturer whose popularity has surged in recent months, for an undisclosed sum.

“Since the official start in 2013, Kastaplast has been the typical small-sized company, run by its owners,” said Latitude 64 CEO David Berglund in a statement. “During this time we have seen the brand become stronger for each year, much thanks to the support from the Kasta-community worldwide. With the ever-growing demand for ‘K-marked’ discs, Kastaplast is now at the stage of upscaling, and we feel great about the opportunity to partner up with Kastaplast to enable continued growth and development. We know that our friends from Stockholm share our high expectations regarding quality, and we will work together to make the most of Kastaplast.”

Kastaplast discs, particularly in their popular glow plastic, have long been difficult to find in the US market — the growth of disc golf in the last two years has made it harder still.

The company will remain headquartered in Stockholm, but Latitude 64 will produce discs for them in their factories in Skellefteå in northern Sweden. Latitude said that they are already prototyping a new overstable distance driver. Berglund said that the Latitude 64 production “will have the typical characteristics of a Kastaplast disc, such as the plastic and the overall feel.”

“A new chapter has begun, but the soul and spirit of Kastaplast will stay the same,” said Kastaplast CEO Anders Källström.

Latitude 64 has continued to grow as a major disc golf manufacturer, now producing discs for their house brand; Dynamic Discs; Discmania; and two companies which they co-own, Westside (with Dynamic Discs) and Kastaplast.

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