James Conrad Makes Innova Exit Official

James Conrad. Photo: Kingsley Flett

After much speculation, including a spotting at the MVP Disc Sports office, 2019 USDGC champion James Conrad announced his exit from Innova.

“My relationship with Innova started in 2016, making this our 5th year working together…During this time I was able to rise from a basic equipment sponsorship all the way to the Star Team, and without the belief and support they gave me along the way there is no way I would be where I am now,” said Conrad on Instagram. “It will be at least a couple weeks yet until I will be ready to announce my primary sponsor for next season, but I assure you all it will be worth the wait.”

Conrad, the 2019 USDGC champion, had four top five finishes at DGPT events in 2020 and cashed at all 17 events he attended.

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