Eric Oakley Ends Sponsorship With Dynamic Discs Early

Oakley had been with the company since 2017


Eric Oakley today announced that he would no longer be representing Dynamic Discs moving forward. He was originally under contract with the Kansas company through 2022 after signing an early extension in 2019.

“I’ve had a lot of long conversations with Jeremy Rusco, Eric McCabe, and Gabe Diaz-Serrano, and we’ve talked a lot of the future. My goals, their goals. The things we’re trying to do and feel out how we can make things work. We’ve come together, as a business decision that we think it’s best to explore new ground,” said Oakley. “I’m sure we’ll continue to do some stuff together.”

Oakley was one of DD’s more prominent sponsored players and had a popular signature disc with the Lucid-X Felon. Oakley originally joined Dynamic Discs before the 2017 season. Prior to that he represented Discmania in multiple capacities. His wife, Tina Oakley, owns and operates Whale Sacs.

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