Drew Gibson • Distance Competition • 2019 Pro World Championships • Slow Motion Footage

Drew Gibson's 3 best throws at the 2019 Worlds Distance Competition. After each of the 3 throws I then slow it down to 20% speed to show you the previous shot in 1/5th speed. Rules:
Each player is allotted 2 minutes to throw 5 shots. The shots must land within a certain area and they are measured from where they first hit the ground. This was NOT an official WFDF World Record Distance Event but instead a Distance Competition. Many of our biggest throwers all agreed to throw around 1pm CST so all of these videos are within a 30 minute window (except Thomas Gilbert who came later). Thank you for watching and let me know if you'd like to see more content of this nature on my channel. Please consider becoming a Patreon member:

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