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Most disc golfers express their love for the sport by getting some new discs, a fresh pair of trail shoes, or a PDGA membership. Joseph Caldwell made a song about it.

The long-time musician just released “The Greatest Game,” available now on iTunes and Apple Music.

The Greatest Game

“An old timer I knew from music festivals turned me on to it…,” said Caldwell about his first time playing disc golf. “Been having the time of my life ever since.” He started playing in 2011 and is currently rated 934. “Disc golf worked her charms on me the very first day,” he said. “It gave me a way to stay physically active and relive some old glories of competition.”

A Michigan native and Sanford resident, Caldwell brings a home cooked flavor to traditional American music, navigating the musical maps of country, pop, folk, and rock music, and has performed widely on the folk festival and art fair circuit. Credits include Wheatland, Bliss, and Hiawatha Music festivals.

His debut CD, entitled Spyder, received critical acclaim from both Detroit audiences and members of Detroit music media. For this release, he won the Aurora Borealis Production Awards for Traditional Vocalist of the Year and Traditional Sound in 1999.

Catch Joe Caldwell at one of his regular live performances in the Great Lakes Bay Regions. 

The lyrics for The Greatest Game are below:

I threw my T-bird through a gap in the trees
My favorite T-bird riding on a summer breeze
You know the feeling I get when I throw a perfect fade
Disc golf is the greatest sport I ever played
Yes it is
Casual or practice or tournament round
I hit every league every course in town
Come down to the disc course and you’ll see why I say
Disc golf is the greatest sport I ever played
Yes it is
Some wizened old timer from back in the day
Introduced me to the greatest sport I ever played
Don’t worry about distance son that’ll come in time
You got to keep it on the level and just hit your line
Well, I was hitting big putts the very first day
In the greatest sport God ever made
Before long I was throwing three hundred foot drives
And I’ll be playing disc golf for the rest of my life
Yes I will
I threw my T-bird through a gap in the trees
My twelve time T-bird riding on a summer breeze

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