Behind The Scenes | JomezPro at the Glass Blown Open (Trailer)Posted by On 5th August 2019

We're proud to finally have this 10 minute behind the scenes available for you to watch on! Get a look into what it took for us to cover 3 cards at the GBO this year. We'll be putting it here on YouTube at some point later this year but Patreon gets this exclusive cut first because it wouldn't have been possible to make without the generous support from all the patrons. So if you want to watch it now all you have to do is join us at any tier level! We're at 1,878 patrons and trying to get to 2,000 for Worlds next week so if you've been waiting to support our coverage now's the time! 🤝 Directed by Matthew Rodgers * OUR PATREON WITH EXCLUSIVE VIDS & GIVEAWAYS: * NEW MERCH: * SUBSCRIBE to JomezPro on YouTube! * COVERAGE SCHEDULE: Check out more JomezPro here: ©2019 Jomez Productions LLC
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