2023 TruBank Des Moines Challenge |FPO FINALF9| Tattar, Gannon, Rawnsley, Velediaz | Jomez Disc Golf

Pre-order our commemorative tee celebrating Parker Welck's heater of a week between his win at DDO and his ace on our DMC practice round. Check out jomezpro.com/shop to get yours today! Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the FPO lead cards final round at the 2023 TruBank Des Moines Challenge. Card: Kristin Tattar, Missy Gannon, Stacie Rawnsley, Macie Velediaz
Course: Pickard Park | Indianola, IA
2HotGeese: Madison Walker, Erika Stinchcomb 📆 2023 Tournament Coverage Schedule at https://jomezpro.com/schedule
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00:00 Start
01:40 HOLE 1
05:12 HOLE 2
09:53 HOLE 3
13:22 HOLE 4
16:25 HOLE 5
19:25 HOLE 6
23:23 HOLE 7
26:24 HOLE 8
29:30 HOLE 9
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