2023 Silver Cup XXIII presented by Discraft and Rollin’ Ridge • PDGA A-Tier • montage video reel

Silver Cup XXII Pro presented by Discraft and Rollin' Ridge
Featuring: Various shots and highlights of rounds 1-3 from a handful of divisions.
Commentary: None
Camera: Jeff Showers
Edit: Jeff Showers
Location: Silver Creek Park, Super Silver Layout
Date: July 7-9, 2023 Jeff has again put together a solid montage of shots for this event recap video. I had no part in this production other than helping promote it on my channel. That also means I did not cover ANY rounds for any shot by shot coverage what so ever. I do not believe any shot by shot coverage was made for this event. If it was, it was not on or for my channel. If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/68066 Thank you to the entire team for making this project happen and we hope you enjoy the bonus content. If you wish to support me and more off season content you can do so using:
http://www.patreon.com/thediscgolfguy or by picking up a few discs at my store:

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