2022 Shelly Sharpe Memorial • Final Round • B9 • Jennifer Allen • Callie McMorran • Ohn Scoggins

2022 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green – FPO Lead Card Final Round – Back 9
Featuring: Jennifer Allen, Callie McMorran, Ohn Scoggins
Camera: SpiiciiBoii
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Shelly Sharpe Memorial Disc Golf Course, Tempe, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 16, 2022 Women's lead card – final round footage. There is no footage from rounds 1 or 2 but we decided to pull a 'double' on Sunday and captured both the MPO and the FPO final rounds so you can sit back and enjoy the women's lead card at the first PDGA A-Tier of the 2022 season. This content was possible exclusively thanks to our Patreon supporters along with the various sponsors you've seen and heard throughout the coverage. If you wish to spoil it for yourself and look at ALL of the results from this year's event, click here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55325 If you wish to further support me and my video efforts it's best if you become a Patreon member here: http://www.patreon.com/thediscgolfguy "My Disc in a Box" mailers can be found at:
http://thediscgolfguy.com Please check our event's presenting sponsor in Spinners on the Green:
https://spinnersonthegreen.com Also, additional shout out to a gracious coverage sponsor in:

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