2021 Ultiworld Disc Golf Shot Of The Year: Nominations

Make sure your favorite shot makes the cut

It’s Award Season and time to get nominations for the four Ultiworld Disc Golf Shot of the Year categories submitted. Up for recognition are Air Shots, Putts, Rollers, and Aces, with the winner from each category going on to battle it out for the top overall 2021 Shot of the Year award.

As is the case every year, the Shot of the Year nominees are limited to PDGA sanctioned events. If it’s not from an event on the player’s PDGA page it doesn’t count. That means no Skins Matches, vlogs, social media posts, you get the point. Our criteria has led to controversy in the past.

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Despite last year’s debate, Hailey King won the final fan vote with her death putt on hole 17 at Fox Run Meadows during the Green Mountain Championship. A worthy addition to the past list of champions.

hailey king green mountain hole 17 

Past Winners

Now it’s your turn to make sure the shots you think are worthy of being considered the 2021 Ultiworld Disc Golf Shot of the Year are included in the list of finalists to be released the week of December 6th.

2021 Ultiworld Disc Golf Shot of the Year Nominations

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