2021 Huk Central • Rnd 1 • Front 9 • Chris Dickerson • David Diehl • Matt Splain • Ross MarshallPosted by On 20th May 2021

2021 Huk Central presented by Southern Wesleyan University
MPO Non Feature Card 2 • Front 9
Featuring: Chris Dickerson, David Diehl, Matt Splain, Ross Marshall
Commentary: The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Grand Central Station Disc Golf Park, Freight Line Layout
Date: Saturday, May 8, 2021 We kick off the 2021 Huk Central with a great card. In recent years it seems as if your name either needs to be Dickerson or Johansen if you wish to win it or finish well but we'll see if McBeth and the rest can change that in 2021. The Disc Golf Guy channel covered 6 TOTAL rounds of golf. 4 being with throw and catch cam and 2 being solo camera action. There are 4 rounds of competition spanning Saturday and Sunday so we hope you enjoy the action as well as the bonus coverage. If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/47842 If you wish to further support me and my video efforts it's best if you become a Patreon member here: http://www.patreon.com/thediscgolfguy Check out some incredible supporters:

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