2021 Ace Of The Year: Finals

They all dropped in the bucket, but who did it best?

Two competitors survived the loaded opening round of voting to earn their place in the 2021 Ace of the Year finals. Time to cast that ballot for the best ace of the 2021 pro season.

Austin Hannum’s incredible forehand ace in Delaware led the vote getting, receiving a nod from 32.3% of ballots. Meeting Hannum in the finals with a wide hyzer, skip ace at the Vintage Open is Gavin Rathbun having earned 27.3% of votes. Cale Leiviska’s walk-off (20.1%) and James Conrad at Pro Worlds (19.3%) were the next two aces in consideration.

Austin Hannum ace at the 2021 Delaware Disc Golf Challenge

Austin Hannum Ace

Gavin Rathbun ace at the 2021 Vintage Open

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