2020 Maricopa Open • Round 2 • Back • Adam Hammes • Cam Messerschmidt • Nick Newton • Henry Manahan

2020 Maricopa Open presented by Infinite Discs
MPO • Round 2 • Back Half (event conclusion)
Featuring: Adam Hammes, Cam Messerschmidt, Nick Newton, Henry Manahan
Commentary: Nick Newton & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera & Edit: The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Maricopa Meadows Disc Golf Course, Maricopa, Arizona
Date: Sunday, January 26th, 2020 After 27 holes on Saturday we travel across town to Maricopa's original disc golf course which features plenty of ob and beautiful sights. Picking a signature hole might be tough although first time commentator, Nick Newton seems to have his favorite. Join us as Adam Hammes starts out with a sizable lead from his opening round but has one of the best long range putters in the world not far behind along with Newton and Henry Manahan. If you wish to look at the event's FULL RESULTS and spoil the outcome you can click here:
https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/43394 Thank you to Sam Russ, Infinite Discs and all of the video coverage sponsors for making this event and the coverage possible. If you wish to further support me and my video efforts it's best if you become a Patreon member here:

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