2020 Air Shot Of The Year: Opening Round

Scrambles, metal hits, and chainouts — oh my!

It’s getting more difficult every season to choose shots for the “Air Shot of the Year” category. There are so many great shots and throw-ins at every tournament, so it can be difficult to narrow down the truly special ones. That’s why we’ve left a blank space in this round of voting if you want to fill-in a worthy nominee you think we’ve missed.

With that in mind, we are proud to present the second of four bracket challenges to close out the year. We’ve culled highlights from the sport’s best media providers and broken them down into four categories: Ace of the Year, Roller of the Year, Air Shot of the Year, and Putt of the Year. After each bracket is decided, the winners will battle in a four-way, College Football Playoff-style bracket that will determine the 2020 Shot of the Year.

Pick up to three shots for Air Shot of Year (including a write-in) to make it to the finals. And if you’re having fun with this, feel free to share the love on social media.

A special thanks to Jomez Productions, Central Coast Disc Golf, Disc Golf Pro Tour, Par Save Productions, GK Pro, Natural Born Disc Golfer, Foxx Hills Productions, Gatekeeper, Local Route, Disc Golf Guy, Soblue, Smashboxx, and others for capturing these clips. And we’re off!

Simon Lizotte at The Preserve – Hole 5

simon lizotte preserve hole 5

Eagle McMahon at Idlewild – Hole 2

eagle mcmahon idlewild hole 2

Catrina Allen at Jonesboro – Hole 3

catrina allen jonesboro hole 3

Paul McBeth at Ledgestone – Hole 121

paul mcbeth ledgestone hole 12

Ricky Wysocki at Great Lakes – Hole 13

ricky wysocki great lakes open hole 13 

Isaac Robinson at USDGC – Hole 13

isaac robinson usdgc hole 13

Kevin Jones at DGPT Championship – Hole 14

kevin jones dgpt championship hole 14

Paige Pierce at The Memorial – Hole 15

paige pierce memorial hole 15

Chris Dickerson at USDGC – Hole 3

chris dickerson usdgc hole 3 

Kat Mertsch at WNC – Hole 17

kat mertsch wnc hole 17 throwin

Thomas Gilbert at Maine States – Hole 9

thomas gilbert maine hole 9

Paul McBeth at The Memorial – Hole 9

2020 memorial championship paul mcbeth hole 9 drive

Hailey King at Green Mountain – Hole 11

hailey king hole 11 brewster ridge

Colten Montgomery at Waco – Hole 18

2020 WACO Colten Montgomery hole 18

Jennifer Allen at The Memorial – Hole 1

2020 memorial championship jennifer allen hole 1

Eagle McMahon at USDGC – Hole 12

eagle mcmahon hole 12 drive round 2 

Paige Pierce at WNC – Hole 10

paige pierce hole 10 round 2

Adam Hammes at Ledgestone – Hole 14

adam hammes ledgestone hole 14

Eveliina Salonen at Waco – Hole 17

WACO Eveliina Salonen hole 17 

Ryan Sheldon at The Preserve – Hole 2

ryan sheldon preserve hole 2

Catrina Allen at WNC – Hole 5

catrina allen wnc hole 5

Simon Lizotte at The Preserve – Hole 8

simon lizotte preserve hole 8

Paige Pierce at Ledgestone – Hole 18

paige pierce ledgestone hole 18

Reid Frescura at Jonesboro – Hole 6

reid frescura jonesboro hole 6 

Catrina Allen at WNC – Hole 6

catrina allen hole 6 round 2 

Paul McBeth at Idlewild – Hole 16


Vote for up to 3 shots to make it to the final!

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