2019 PCS Open • R1F9 • Norwegian Commentary • E McMahon • A Jenkins • L Sandvik • J LufallPosted by On 25th November 2019

2019 PCS Open
Round 1 • Front 9
Featuring: Eagle McMahon, Avery Jenkins, Lykke Sandvik, Joran Lufall
Commentary: Leiv Aspén & Sigrid Sandum
Graphics & Drone: Leif Dale
Camera: The Disc Golf Guy & Ole Marius Bårdsnes This incredible event kicks off on a rainy, dreary Friday morning but that will not thwart the enthusiasm and excitement for what I'll call Norway's best disc golf party event. Round 1 features a mixed card featuring representatives from the US in Eagle McMahon and Avery Jenkins along with Norway's top female, Lykke Sandvik and the event's title sponsor Joran Lufall of PCS Construction. If you wish to further support me and my disc golf media efforts please consider becoming a Patron using the following link: http://www.patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy SPOILERS: If you wish to look at stats or other divisions of the event here is the PDGA event results: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/41992

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