2019 Nantucket Open • Rainwater Razz Round • Ricky Wysocki • Joel Freeman • Zach Melton • Tim BarhamPosted by On 11th December 2019

2019 Nantucket Open Rainwater Razz Round • 3 Holes
Featuring: Ricky Wysocki, Joel Freeman, Zach Melton, Tim Barham
Commentary: Big Jerm Onsite
Camera: AJ Risley & The Disc Golf Guy Arguably the single greatest "round" of the entire disc golf season. All you need to do is have the lowest score after 3 easy holes of disc golf and you ferry home with $1,000 in your pocket. Heck, your caddy even gets a Benjamin and everyone supporting you, also wins! I would question your disc golf compass if you can't get into this action! Thank you to Todd, Lowisa, Barry and all of the Nantucket Disc Golf crew for making this event and weekend possible. If you wish to further support me and my disc golf media efforts please consider becoming a Patron using the following link: http://www.patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy

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