2019 Drava Forester • R3F • Philo Brathwaite • Martin Doerken • Ari Penttala • Rumble • Tomi GoričkiPosted by On 16th December 2019

2019 Drava Forester Round 3 • Front Half
Featuring: Philo Brathwaite, Martin Doerken, Ari Penttala, Rumble, Tomi Gorički Commentary: Johnny Rumble & The Disc Golf Guy Camera: The Disc Golf Guy After an intense week of "socializing" we've arrived at the final round(s) which take place on Sunday. Round 3 will play like the previous two days which features a course layout of 20 holes. However, the top 5 finalists after round 3's play will move into the final 6 holes with a huge gallery to watch. Philo has played well thus far and has a comfortable lead but we know that sometimes can be as much of a curse as it is a blessing. With 3 of his remaining 4 card mates eligible to play in age protected divisions (if offered) we know they have plenty of experience during final rounds. Let's see if any of those 3 or Tomi can challenge the international disc golf superstar, Brathwaite. Thank you cannot be said often enough to the event organizers and hosts, Dinko and Maja Šimenc. This brother / sister combo created Lagoda Disc Golf and with the help of Vanja Sumo Brozović, have put on one of the most fun events I've seen in over 25 years of disc golf! If you wish to support me and my vlogging efforts the best possible way to do is is by always liking and sharing my videos. If you wish to take our relationship to the next level please consider becoming a Patreon supporter using this link: http://www.Patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy

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