2019 Drava Forester • Finals • Philo • Martin Doerken • Rumble • Ari Penttala • Mario MesaricPosted by On 17th December 2019

2019 Drava Forester Finals
Featuring: Philo Brathwaite, Martin Doerken, Johnny Rumble, Ari Penttala, Mario Mesaric Commentary: Johnny Rumble & The Disc Golf Guy Camera: The Disc Golf Guy Bittersweet to say that we've arrived at the finals of the 2019 Drava Forester. Philo has maintained his commanding lead but now it's time to put on a show for the gallery. Mario replaces Tomi from the 3rd round but other lead card favorites like Martin, Rumble and Ari remain. Thank you cannot be said often enough to the event organizers and hosts, Dinko and Maja Šimenc. This brother / sister combo created Lagoda Disc Golf and with the help of Vanja Sumo Brozović, have put on one of the most fun events I've seen in over 25 years of disc golf! If you wish to support me and my vlogging efforts the best possible way to do is is by always liking and sharing and if you wish to take our relationship to the next level please consider becoming a Patreon supporter using this link: http://www.Patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy

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