2019 Delaware Challenge • R1F9 • Kristin Tattar • Sarah Hokom • Holly Finley • Becky Harris

Round 1 of 3 • Front 9
Footage: Mahmoud Bahrani & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: Mahmoud Bahrani & The Disc Golf Guy
Commentary: Sarah Hokom & Holly Finley Just a few days after the World Championship concluded more than 800 miles away six short days ago, it’s remains “go time”. This incredibly long, wooded, challenging course is ready to welcome many of our sport’s top competitors as the National Tour makes it’s 5th stop which is the Delaware Disc Golf Challenge.
My coverage sponsors and supporters in the PDGA, MVP and Disc Baron are honored to highlight our FPO feature card during the opening round. Competitors consist of Sarah Hokom, Kristin Tattar, Holly Finley and local pro, Becky Harris. Thank you for supporting my sponsors and coverage of this weekend’s action. If you wish to further support me you can do so using my Patreon page found here: http://www.patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy Coverage sponsors include:

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