1081 Rated Round • Adam Hammes • 2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial Disc Golf Tournament • Discraft

Adam Hammes decided to put on a clinic during the final round of the 2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hammes started the final round down four strokes to leader, Drew Gibson. He opted to lay up two of his final three holes to secure the win but I figured this stellar play was worth watching again with a solo video. Let me know if you like this type of breakout video and I can consider doing some like this in the future. Also, would you prefer to have a fresh commentary track over it all or just let it play with the native sounds? As always, thank you for the support of my channel. If you wish to support me further you can hit the "like" and "subscribe" buttons and also consider becoming a Patreon supporter here: http://www.patreon.com/TheDiscGolfGuy If you wish to look at the results for the event you can do so here:
https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/47994 Original Footage from:
2021 Shelly Sharpe Memorial presented by Spinners on the Green
MPO • Round 3
Featuring: Drew Gibson, Adam Hammes, Anthony Barela, Henry Manahan
Commentary: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Camera: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Edit: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Vista del Camino Park, Scottsdale, AZ
Date: Sunday, January 17 2021

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